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To create engaging and inventive casino games that bring joy and entertainment to players, all while upholding the utmost integrity, fairness, and commitment to responsible gaming.
We constantly push boundaries and embrace creativity to develop unique and exciting gaming experiences that captivate players.
We maintain the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and fairness, ensuring a safe and trustworthy gaming environment for all players.
We believe in the power of gaming to bring people together, and we prioritize building vibrant and supportive gaming communities where players can connect and thrive.


With Amarix Players can have confidence in the openness of each game round
What is “provably fair”?
A provably fair system typically employs cryptographic hashing algorithms to function. This typically involves generating seeds (random numerical strings) from both the casino's server and the player's hardware device. The Provably Fair algorithm allows players to independently confirm the fairness of the game using a publicly accessible verification tool
AMARIX. Fair Crash Games
AMARIX. Fair Crash Games
This technology is mostly found in
crypto or bitcoin casinos and games
It works using special math tricks called cryptographic algorithms. One common way involves making random numbers, or 'seeds,' from both the casino's computer and the player's device. The cool thing about provably fair games is that players can check if they're fair using a public tool, which is a big improvement from old-fashioned casinos
AMARIX. Provably Fair Game ProviderAMARIX. Provably Fair Game Provider

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AMARIX. Provably Fair Game ProviderAMARIX. Provably Fair Game Provider


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