Experience a thrilling chase as a police car is engaged in a relentless and high-speed pursuit of a truck following a robbery.
Who will emerge victorious over the furthest distance? Will the police catch the robbers, or will an accident allow the robbers to escape the long arm of the law? All of the thrills and spills of this well-known crash mechanic await players in this ultimate car crash game.

fast game

provably fair

RTP 96%

Game details

Medium - High
Max win
€ 10 000
Supported platforms

Game Description

  • Car Crash is a multiplayer game where a player can see other players' bets. The player must place a bet before the cars start, then cash out as the cars begin their journeys. The longer the journey, the greater the winnings.
  • To initiate the game round, the player places a bet.
  • Once the round begins, cars start moving, and the scores of other players are displayed in the results panel on the left-hand side of the playing field.
  • To claim the winnings, the player must press the CASH OUT button before the cars crash. The player can also set the auto cashout value for automatic collection of winnings once this value is reached. The collection of winnings does not influence the gaming process; the cars continue to ride until they reach the crash odds.
  • When the cars crash, the playing field displays the winning odds near each car, which is a randomly generated number.