Video Poker

Discover the world of Video Poker! This exciting single-player game is based on the classic five-card poker with the ability to swap cards. Experience the thrill of competition and test your luck in Video Poker now!

fast game

provably fair

RTP 96%

Game details

Medium - High
Max win
€ 10 000
Supported platforms

Game Description

  • The purpose of Video Poker is to collect the best poker hand.
  • Set the bet amount and press on the button to place a bet. You will be dealt 5 random cards face up from a deck of 52 cards.
  • If there's already a winning combination among the cards, you'll see a hint on the playing field — the combination will be highlighted.
  • You decide which cards to keep and which to swap, then press DEAL. You can keep from 0 to 5 cards by pressing on those cards.
  • New cards are then dealt in place of those that you decided to swap.
  • Now is the moment of truth — if you get a combination that matches one of the winning combinations (for example, a pair, straight or flush), it will be highlighted on the screen and you'll receive your winnings. This can be a small or a large amount, depending on your hand and the bet amount. Good luck!