In this captivating bamboo forest, the weather changes in a blink of an eye. Players take part in the ancient art of Ronin cutting bamboo training, where they guess and slice the bamboo in the sequence of 10 moves. Successfully predict the correct result every time, and the profit is doubled with each swift slice!

fast game

provably fair

RTP 96%

Game details

Medium - High
Max win
€ 10 000
Supported platforms

Game Description

  • Players face 'The Great Ronin', the master of bamboo cutting, as they visit him in the bamboo forest and place a bet. Will Ronin be able to cut the bamboo this time?
  • How to play: Players place their bets and click PLAY and then decide whether Ronin will be able to cut the bamboo by pressing either button – "Won't Cut" or "Cut".
  • Players win by guessing correctly 10 times in a row or by clicking the CASH IN button.